Kava Filter Bag

Kava Filter Bag 75 Micron

Product Description

Kava Filter Bag

- 75 Micron

- High Quality

- Reusable

- Made With a Hoop Handle For Easy Brewing

- Used For Filtering Kava After Straining For A Finer Kava Drink

- Can Be Used As a Strainer As Well


Introducing the revolutionary Kava Filter Bag! Crafted with utmost precision, this high-quality filter bag is set to redefine your Kava drinking experience. Engineered with a 75 Micron size, it ensures a finer and smoother drink by effectively filtering the Kava after straining. Reusable and designed with a convenient hoop handle, our filter bag guarantees effortless brewing, making it the perfect companion for every Kava enthusiast. Not just limited to filtering, it's also highly versatile and doubles up as a strainer. Elevate your Kava game with the Kava Filter Bag and discover a whole new level of satisfaction!