Kavalactones vs Placebo

Kavalactones vs Placebo

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This study from 2003 was a meta-analysis of clinical studies using HAMA scores to assess the treatment of anxiety. They analyzed 7 clinical trials using the HAMA scale. This study demonstrated significantly better effects than were seen from placebo, and with a greater effect size. The authors found a five point HAMA score reduction when compared to placebo. Any adverse events by kava were few, mild, transient and infrequent. Larger sample sizes and more rigorous trials are needed to clarify uncertainties, nevertheless this data when compared with placebo may show to be an effective treatment for anxiety.


Pittler, M. H., & Ernst, E. (2003). Kava extract versus placebo for treating anxiety. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2003(1).

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