AAA Grade Lawena (Basal Kava Root) Powder

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Product Description



Effects: Heady With Balance

Uses: Uplifting, Anxiety Reduction, Mood Elevation, A Good Day Time Kava

Grind: Medium

- 100% Noble

- Made From Pure Basal Kava Roots A.K.A. Crown Root or Root Stump

- High Quality & Hand Selected

- Our Best Tasting Kava

- Good For Day Time Use


   Introducing AAA Grade Lawena Powder, a triple AAA product made from pure Basal Kava Roots. With its medium grind, this kava offers a unique experience that combines a heady sensation with a sense of balance. 

This top-quality kava has been carefully hand-selected, ensuring that you will enjoy the highest quality available. Its uplifting effects make it perfect for reducing anxiety and elevating your mood throughout the day.

Made exclusively from 100% noble kava root chips, also known as Crown Root or Root Stump, this Lawena Powder delivers the best taste on the market. Its smooth flavor and exceptional quality make it a favorite choice among kava enthusiasts. 

Whether you need a pick-me-up during the day or are seeking a natural way to relax, our AAA Grade Lawena Kava Powder is the perfect solution. Experience the benefits of this remarkable kava and savor the taste of excellence with every sip.


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