Premium Grade Waka (Kava Root) Powder

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Product Description

PREMIUM GRADE WAKA  (Lateral Kava Root Powder)

Effects: Heavy-Balanaced

Uses: Full Head to Toe Relaxation, Euphoria, Evening/Night Time Use

Grind: Medium

- 100% Noble

- A Blend Of 4-5 Year Old Lateral Kava Roots

- A Customer Favorite

- Grown In The Fertile Volcanic Soil Of Vanua Levu, Fiji


Comes in 1 LB bags


Experience the ultimate relaxation with our Premium Grade Waka Kava Root Powder. This carefully selected blend of 4-5 year old lateral kava roots will provide you with a heavy-balanced effect, ensuring full head-to-toe relaxation and euphoria. Designed specifically for evening or night-time use, our medium grind powder offers a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Our premium root powder is 100% noble, guaranteeing the highest quality and purity. It's no wonder it's a customer favorite! Grown in the fertile volcanic soil of Vanua Levu, Fiji, our kava roots are known for their exceptional potency and rich flavor profile.

For your convenience, our Premium Grade Waka Kava Root Powder comes in 1 LB bags, ensuring you have a generous supply of this wonderful root. Indulge in the natural benefits of kava and discover true relaxation today!